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Tristan Thompson Defends His Lunch With Mystery Women To Khloe Kardashian

Is Tristan Thompson in the dog house with Khloe Karashian after being spotted with three mystery women & LeBron James? A source close to Tristan told HL EXCLUSIVELY what he’s telling Khloe.

Fans were shocked to see Tristan Thompson and LeBron James having lunch with three mystery women in Toronto over the weekend, but what really went down? A source close to the NBA superstar told us EXCLUSIVELY how the outing was strictly a “business” lunch for Tristan. “Tristan’s lunch was strictly business, which he thinks was pretty obvious to anyone who looks at the photos,” our source said. “Tristan has had to work really hard to regain Khloe’s trust, which is fine with him, because he knows he messed up, and he’s vowed that he will never be that stupid again.”

If anything, Tristan has made sure that he never repeats the same mistakes he’s made in his past. “Tristan came so close to losing everything that he cares most about in this world, and it was a real wake up call for him, so you can bet that he’s learned his lesson from it,” our source went on to say,” our source went on to say. “Tristan and Khloe are finally getting back to where they were before the whole cheating scandal kicked off, and things are nice and chill again between them.”

The bottom line? Khloe is his world and he won’t be doing anything to jeopardize that again following his alleged cheating scandal. “Tristan truly loves Khloe, and it may have taken nearly losing her for him to realize that, but now he knows without any doubt,” our source added. “She’s his heart, and he’s never going to do her wrong again.” Thankfully for Tristan, Khloe seems to trust his version of events, especially considering LeBron’s sterling reputation.

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